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Acrostic Poems

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  Bat Acrostic Poems

Bats can eat 1,000 bugs in one hour.

A bat uses echolocation to find its food.

There are bats that are as small as a bumblebee.

Some bats eat fruit.

By: Meghan

Bats look scary, but they help us.

A bat is the only mammal that can fly.

The little brown bat weighs  less than a penny.

Some bats look like dogs.

By: Shaina

Bats can see in the dark at night.

A bat eats fruit an other bats eat bugs.

The Vampire Bat doesn't suck people's blood.  They suck animal's


Some bats eat fish and some eat bugs.

By: Jenna

Bats are warm blooded mammals.

A bat can hang upside down when it goes to sleep.

True or false?  Is there any bats without wings?  TRUE!

Some bats live in the desert.

By: Philip

Bats eat 1,000  insects an hour.

A bat can be very helpful.

They fly high.

Snakes are enemies of the bat.

By: Ryan

Bats are cool! Bats rule!                                                        

A bat can see in the dark.

There are Flying Fox bats.

Some bats can eat fish.

By: Erik

Bats look like rats.

A bat could eat 1,000 insects an hour.

There are 900 species of bats.

Some bats eat fish.

By: Christopher

Bats hang upside down.

A bat can eat 1,000 insects an hour.

There are 900 different kinds of bats that see in the dark.

Some bats haven't any wings.

By: Nicholas

Bats fly at night.

A bat can fly at least 1,000 feet high.

The largest bat in the world is the Flying Fox.

Some bats eat fruit.

By: Patrick

Bats  use echolocation to find food.

A  bat could eat 1,00 insects in one hour.

The  little brown bat weighs 2 ounces.

Snakes and owls are bats enemies.

By:  Marissa

Bats are cool and rule!

A bat is good for the backyard.

The bats are nice to the world.

Some bats eat only fruit.

By: Maria

Our Acrostic Poem Template