Objective: To obtain a position as an elementary or special education teacher.

— University of Washington, Seattle, WA - Master in Teaching
Elementary Education, June 2006
Washington State Residency Teaching Certificate
Endorsement - Special Education
California State University, Monterey Bay, Seaside, CA - Bachelor of Arts
Visual and Public Art, June 1999
Fine Art and Computer Based Design

Teaching Experience:
— Wing Luke Elementary, Seattle, WA
General Education Student Teacher Aug 2005 - Mar 2006
• Open Concept School, Collaboratively taught classroom, Integrated Special Education and ESL, Ethnically Diverse, Urban Population.
• Grade 1/2 blend – Taught groups of 15-25 students for core subjects, and whole class of 46 students for other lessons.
• Planned and taught lessons in collaboration with co-teacher.
• Conducted class meetings with 46 students.
• Utilized classroom management strategies including; class wide system of basic behaviors, group contingency using points to earn extra recess, review of expectations before each transition, practicing of expectations frequently, rotating student scouts to identify, verbalize and reward positive behaviors with recognition and paper rewards, individual 1,2,3 program, student behavioral self assessment, a ratio of at least 3 positive reinforcements to 1 negative, and informal functional behavior analysis on several individual students in the classroom.
• Introduced writing schedules for the day, written on whiteboard outlining each day’s activities.
• Set up, found resources, and implemented computer math program in classroom.
• Instructed first and second grade students to login and how to use class computers.
• Taught TERC Survey Questions and Secret Rules and Quilt Squares and Block Towns to first graders.
• Implemented supplementary Math instruction to teach basic skills including money, time, and basic adding and subtraction strategies that were not adequately addressed in the TERC curriculum.
• Planned and delivered lessons using Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD) strategy for Writing; front loading information to allow students with diverse background knowledge to acquire information enabling them to write about various topics.
• Administered Quantitative Reading Assessment.
• Formally and informally pre-assessed and assessed in all subjects often to gauge student learning.
• Adjusted instruction and curriculum to be relevant to students, differentiating throughout for diverse abilities and learning styles, modifying instruction to meet the needs of diverse students including ELL and students who had IEP’s.
• Aligned instruction with state and district learning requirements.
• Assisted in identifying and meeting the needs of students who at risk, including students who were poverty impacted, and students who had learning difficulties or disabilities.
• Instructed, modeled and guided Social Skills lessons.
• Integrated subjects, including Technology, Science, Grammar, Writing, Reading, Art and Music into much of the curriculum.
Special Education Student Teacher Mar - Jun 2006
• Taught direct reading instruction in a Resource Room, including building fluency using Read Naturally, practicing phonemic awareness using The Listening Game, SRA Spelling Mastery, word analysis using word sorts.
• Worked with students in transitions, handwriting fluency and writing in Level 3 Self Contained Special Education classroom
— Bagley Elementary, Seattle, WA - Apr - May 2005
General Education Internship - Grade 3 - Reading, Writing, and Math instruction: small group. Writing instruction: whole class.
— Madrona Elementary, Seattle, WA - Feb 2005
General Education Internship - Grade 1- Administered QRI Reading Assessment.
— Coe Elementary, Seattle, WA - Sep - Nov 2004
General Education Internship - Grade 3
Special Education Internship - Resource Room; Grades 1-5
• Administered Reading Dibels, CBM’s.
• Assessed Reading fluency, Comprehension.
• Taught Writing and Reading using Direct Instruction.

Other Experiences and Skills:
— Advanced level computer skills; computer and internet instructor.
— Singer; vocal music instructor.
— Advanced level Spanish skills
Extensively traveled; July 1987- December 1993 and June - July 2002 throughout Western Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Recent Work Experience:
— Parent Volunteer - Coe Elementary - Seattle, WA - Grades K, 1, 2, and 3 - 2002 – Present.
Independent Contractor - 206.285.1419 - Seattle, WA · 2001 – Present
Web Design/Development - Webmaster - Graphic Design - Admin - Clerical - Editing.
— Corporate Web Designer -The Ackerley Group – Seattle, WA • Feb 2000 – May 2002.

Professional References:
• Margie Butcher - Site Supervisor - University of Washington - (206) 547-4293 –
• Teresa Boone - Supervising Teacher - Special Education/ESL - Wing Luke Elementary - (206) 252-7630 -
• Elizabeth O'Connell - Supervising Teacher - General Education - Wing Luke Elementary - (206) 252-7630 -
• Ellen Punyon - Principal - Wing Luke Elementary - (206) 252-7630 –