Physical Layout of Room

The physical classroom will be set up to allow for optimal use, safety, learning, and monitoring. I will consider all of the existing variables, such as immovable room structures, as well as the various ways students will be working, individual student needs, and moveable classroom equipment in arranging the classroom. The goal in my setup is to ensure that there is clear access to all of the students' and teachers' needs. Desks will ideally be arranged in groups of three or four allowing students an unobstructed view of visual equipment, boards, and the teacher, with enough space between the groupings to allow walking between them. There will be an area for small group instruction that allows the teacher a clear view of the desks at all times, a meeting area where the entire class can sit on the rug around the teacher for discussions and other activities, and the teacher's desk will allow a view of all students in the classroom.

I require walking room between and around the desk groups so that I can have access to all of my students while they are in their seats. I need to be able to move around while I teach and during group and independent work to help, assess, encourage, and monitor. It is useful to maintain proximity to students at all times to provide assistance as well as to maintain behavior.

A meeting area with a board and wall space is important because I vary my instruction frequently, using a meeting area for sharing, some small or large group instruction, daily meetings, and for other purposes. The area for small group instruction needs table space and a board so that my students can write while being instructed, and I can write on charts or the board. I use a lot of visuals in my teaching, and so require somewhere to write and hang charts in most instances.

I must see all of my students at all times to ensure safety, and to promote learning and management; including times that require deskwork. The telephone will also be at my desk so that I can still see the students when it must be answered. A pencil sharpener will be in a location on a bookshelf in the corner of the room near the door, where I will still be able to see students sharpening pencils, but it will be less distracting to the rest of the class. There will be bookshelves around the room and filing cabinets that line the wall so as not to obstruct my view of the classroom. There will also be a comfortable area for students to sit during reading time. I would like to have a couch or comfortable chairs in that area for silent reading.

In order to create and maintain a classroom environment to allow for ideal teaching and learning, the stage must be set with consistent and clear rules and expectations and a safe, comfortable and workable physical layout. With these factors in place, I can provide a rich learning experience, helping my students to expand their knowledge and grow as people in a nurturing and stable atmosphere.