Unit Plan

Overview of Writer's Workshop Unit Plan - Bats

Proficiency level/class: Grade 1

Overview and Purpose

This Writing lesson is taught using a Guided Language Acquisition Design or GLAD structure, which is specifically designed to address learners who are diverse in language, culture, and/or ability. It uses direct instruction, discussion, writing, color, kinesthetics, writing, and chanting or singing to provide information, and to allow students to use the information immediately. This lesson also involves the teacher speaking and allowing students to share throughout. Students will learn about bats, parts of speech, and write an acrostic poem about their learning.

Essential Academic Learning Requirements

Writing 3.3: Knows and applies writing conventions appropriate for the grade level.
3.2: Uses appropriate style.
2.3: Writes in a variety of forms/genres.
2.1: Adapts writing for a variety of audiences.
1.1.1 Understand simple properties of common natural and manufactured materials and objects
1.1.6 Understand characteristics of living organisms.
1.2.6 Know that living things are made of small parts.
1.3.10 Know that plants and animals need a place to live.

Teaching students about bats; Providing background knowledge about a non-fiction subject, allowing the new information and prior knowledge to be discussed in the process, applying new knowledge of subject to learning, reviewing, and using parts of speech, imprinting information by using chant, writing about what was learned in an acrostic poem.
  • T-Graph for Social Skills
  • Super Scientist Awards
  • Pictorial Input chart - Bat
  • Inquiry Chart
  • Big Bat Book
  • Stellaluna book
  • Bat chant on transparency and chart
  • Sentence Patterningl chart
  • Sticky notes
  • Markers- red, green, blue, black
  • Pencils
  • Large blank white paper
  • Crayons
  • Acrostic Sheets
  • Bat pictures for students to color
  • Black Construction paper
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Enchanted Learning Round Bat Book
  • Laptop
  • Bat Website
  • Overhead Projector